Unsure how large your snow party should be?


We can make recommendations based on space constraints, the number of people who are expected to attend, and other factors. Popular sizes include:


Medium play area: 10,000 pounds of snow, 20 x 25 ft²

Large play area: 20,000 pounds of snow, 30 x 35 ft²

Add a sled run or two to any package, we will customize your event

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           *Snow will be 4 to 6 inches thick*

Planning Your Snow Party

How is the snow created?

On the day of your event, one or more trucks (depending on the event size) will arrive at the location with 300-pound blocks of ice. A separate pickup truck will arrive with the snow blower.

The trucks will remain on pavement as the ice is fed into the blower, transformed into powdery snow and hosed onto a designated area. A large play area will turn into a winter wonderland in about hour or less!

How long will the snow last?

That depends! Although our snow is designed for all seasons, many factors will impact how long that snow will last. These factors include the number and size of the people who play in the snow, as well as the temperature and humidity. On average, snow can be used between 4 and 6 hours, and some ice will remain on the ground on the morning following your event.

Get your snow party started!

We can help you decide how much snow you need to be delivered for the party you have in mind. 

Give us a call at 1-714-606-5188 or email info@snowproinc.com to find out how to create your own winter wonderland!

We make the Snow, you make the Memories!

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